Marriage, Not Dating Ep 2

Now I’m officially head over heels in love with this drama, too bad I can’t marathon it. There’re so many funny scenes in episode 2 that I can’t even point out which is the funniest, Jang Mi meeting Gi Tae’s family, his aunt stalking the lovebirds or Gi Tae’s embarrassing dance. My problem with funny things is that I cannot capture their appeal. I can’t stand dramas without humor, but I can’t convey that humor into words, all I can tell is this is a really really funny drama which will make you go from chuckling to LOL for the whole hour.

Ep 2 of Marriage, Not Dating makes it clear that Jang Mi’ biggest weakness and most endearing trait is her kindness. She’s kind to everyone to make that person and herself happy, and that characteristic seems to be her habit. Honestly, I think most of us who adapts to this cruel and heartless society a bit too well would question her kindness and immediately think she does it for love and recognition, just like Gi Tae’s misunderstanding. But Jang Mi’s saving her ex Hoon Dong the jerk just proves that she’s kind-hearted by nature. Admittedly, the moment she descends into the pool, I just want to yell at her “Why oh why? He totally deserves this. Leave him alone. Don’t lower your self-esteem with him!!!” For one second I thought her determination wavered and she wanted to come back with him. Then I realize she just does it out of sympathy, perhaps she just doesn’t want to witness the one she used to love fall into such an embarrassing situation (totally self-inflicted, that jerk!) Kindness is becoming so rare that Jang Mi’s sincerity turns special in the eyes of all the other love experts. If I were a man, I would definitely appreciate her, but this girl needs to toughen up sometimes and avoid getting used. Once again, I will never waste my time to criticize such an unchangeable jerk as Hoon Dong, so forget it. But I’m glad Jang Mi finally realizes that exacting revenge on her ex is pointless.

Talking about Gi Tae, at first, I thought he was a jerk because he was friend with Hoon Dong the jerk (wrong reasoning gosh), but judging from his behavior in ep 2, he’s probably just a guy who dates girls sometimes and doesn’t want to jump into marriage. Anyway, that makes him much more endearing 😀

When Jung Jin Woon goes with Han Groo and Sun Hwa goes with Yeon Woo Jin (gosh, don’t even remember the names of those second leads), my first thought is “Shit! Wrong pairing all the way” and then a sudden incident ties our two lovely leads together. AWESOME!

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Marriage, Not Dating Ep 1

I guess all of my awesome drama experience stems from impulses. There’re some dramas I have waited for so long, even months in the case of That Winter the Wind Blows, or most recently Trot Lovers, but I end up feeling disappointed and impatient. On the other hand, there’re some great stuffs I don’t even give a fuck about, then suddenly a strong impulse stimulates spontaneous me to jump in, most of the time without even knowing the plot or the cast. And the greatest thing about impulses is that they always give me a pleasant surprise, eventually I fall in love with these completely new actors and actresses even harder than those I’ve known long before. 

This is what happens with Marriage, Not Dating. At first, I don’t even bother giving this drama one single glance. Han Groo is unknown to me and Yeon Woo Jin is not someone who catchs my eyes, though admittedly, I do know he is a talented actor. Then one day (I mean yesterday), I saw some guys on the Internet raving about this drama, and it takes me one moment to open Viki and start watching. I guess if me and drama are meant to be, it just takes one moment to feel head over heels in love. 

As far as I’m concerned, the premise is quite promising. Although it can be condensed into a love story between a casanova who hates marriage and a naive girl who takes true love as a goal, I can see there’s so much more to this drama even from the first episode. She is a gullible girl who loves the male lead’s best friend and even thinks of proposing to him. However, she doesn’t realize that the man she loves is just jerking around with her without any second thoughts. Inevitably, they come to a chaotic breakup which even takes her to court for stalking. There’re a lot of crying scenes in ep 1, and admittedly, crying scenes are never my cup of tea. I hate weak and weepy heroines. However, when I try to put me in Jang Mi’ shoes, I feel that her strong reactions are understandable. She’s inexperienced in love, so unfortunately, she mistakes this guy who is a love expert for a sincere man who devotes all his love to her. I think I can infer that she loves him very much, at least enough for her to plan a romantic proposal. And what else can she do when she realizes this love is coming to an abrupt end just because she mentions marriage? At first, I think she’s so pathetic to come find that jerk time after time, why can’t she just move on without embarrasing herself constantly? But on second thoughts, I think Jang Mi is very brave. She’s not the strong type and she cries a lot but she is very very brave. She’s brave enough to propose to the man she loves (yay for a girl proposal!), find him to ask for the reason they broke up and finally come to him to ask for closure. The fault doesn’t lie with Jang Mi, her only fault is falling in love with a coward who depends on text messages and constant hiding as an imply for breakup. 

Although Gi Tae is that jerk’s friend, he has a much better personality. Yeah, he’s still a jerk, but since he’s the male lead, he’s a hilarious and likeable jerk 😀 His conversation with blind date girl is hilarious and his interactions with Hoon Dong the jerk is equally funny. There’re some nuances to his character which are shown in the way he truly feels bad for Jang Mi. I have a feeling he never dates the kind of girl like Jang Mi before, he just plays around with other love experts (like Sun Hwa’s character) who plays with love and never allows themselves to weep for such a cheesy thing. Therefore, when he encounters Jang Mi who sincerely believes in true love, he feels bad for her and doesn’t want her to feel too heartbroken. For now, Jang Mi and Gi Tae are two people with completely different outlook on love. And I’m eagerly looking forward to how their love will unfold before my eyes. Now here comes ep 2. 

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Pleasantly Surprised Ep 7

Episode 7 of Pleasantly Surprised exceeds my expectations in any aspect. I know this is not the typical rom-com, but never would I think I can come across such a gem. Admittedly, I thought the double secret of “Master Louis” would go on for an indefinite time, and then this drama decides to flip the table by dropping this bombshell right under the most unexpected circumstance. It’s like all the puzzles, like Ah Jie’s fear of the dark, his uneasiness around the brother, his attitude towards Kai Qi, are scattered randomly and naturally for our smart, sassy female lead to figure out the truth, and apparently we all know badass Kai Qi is capable of connecting the dots. 10410733_1440084499590331_4477107302426055257_n The fact that Ah Jie’s brother is pushed into the spotlight at this moment feels natural, since bits and pieces of his personality and his interactions with Ah Jie were revealed in the past. Finally this drama has a wholesome villain, yet even this guy has some legit reasons to turn out that way although I absolutely disapprove of his transformation. While I understand that being robbed of his dream to become a chef is such a painful life-altering experience, his decision to put all the blame on his younger brother and torture Ah Jie both mentally and physically is his unacceptable, inexcusable choice. 10447874_1440086312923483_3810208727071685117_n Aside from Ah Jie’s brother, I’m so thrilled and happy to feel certain that all the other characters will not fall into the crazy territory. Le Xuan may be simple-minded and childish, but she’s clearly a reasonable person who is confident in her capability (and this girl is no flower vase) and not willing to resort to dirty tricks. It’s already so refreshing that the two girls compete for a professional position instead of some stupid guy, it’s even more endearing that they actually appreciate each other’s talent and offer help when necessary. For me, Le Xuan truly shines in this episode, and I’ve already got rid of all my wariness that she’s gonna deviate from her initial personality. Certainly, competition is already a cliche in workplace drama; however, for the first time since forever, I’ve actually lived to witness a drama in which second leads don’t play dirty. Their victory is also well-deserved because they make it with their talents. Of course we audience knows that Ah Jie and Kai Qi can do so much more but their coming late is their own problem it’d actually be weird if they got the prize. I’m happy for Chief and Le Xuan, and this is the first time I’m confident that even if the other two lose, they won’t have to leave the restaurant. For the other characters, Chief is hilariously cartoonish, and he manages to make me laugh so hard even when our two main leads are in a dangerous situation. And Hao Wei seems to be a reasonable (and super attractive) man whose relationship with Kai Qi will certainly turn back to normal once their misunderstanding is resolved. The potential for a love triangle (or quadrangle?) still hangs there, but I love the Cheng brothers so much I don’t give a fuck. And seriously, who can interfere with the unwavering feelings Ah Jie and Kai Qi will soon develop for one another? I say, soon, well obviously, soon, judging by the way they look into the other’s eyes and smile so brightly. 10462536_1440058539592927_6008327030270696412_n For now, I’m so looking forward to episode 8 and see how Kai Qi vents her “anger” on Ah Jie for lying to her. Haha, just watching the preview makes me laugh out loud. Ah Jie finally gets the chance to taste his own medicine. How dare he lie to such a sarcastic, quick-witted Kai Qi without thinking of the consequences :DDD

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100 từ : Gu Family Book


구가의 서

A Samhwa Networks Production
Aired on: MBC, 04.08~06.25 (Mon/Tue), 24 Ep
Official Website
CP: 이창섭 (Lee Chang-Seop)
PD: 신우철 (Shin Woo-Cheol), 김정현 (Kim Jung-Hyun)
ASS. PD: 박지현 (Park Ji-Hyun), 김진성 (Kim Jin-Sung), 
최용준 (Choi Yong-Joon)
WRITER: 강은경 (Kang Eun-Gyeong)
ASS. WRITER: 우수진 (Woo Soo-Jin)
DP: 하재영 (Hae Jae-Young, 김선기 (Kim Seon-Gi)
EDITOR: 이택주 (Lee Taek-Joo)
LIGHTING: 박창우 (Park Chang-Woo, 김대열 (Kim Dae-Yeol)
MUSIC: 박세준 (Park Se-Jun)
CAST: 이승기 (Lee Seung-Gi), 수지 (Suzy), 이성재 (Lee
Sung-Jae), 조성하 (Jo Seong-Ha), 유연석 (Yoo Yeon-Seok),
이유비 (Lee Yoo-Bi), 정혜영 (Jung Hye-Young), 김희원 (Kim
Hee-Won), 이연희 (Lee Yeon-Hee), 최진혁 (Choi Jin-Hyeok),
엄효섭 (Eom Hyo-Seop), 大谷亮平 (Ohtani Ryohei), 유동근
(Yoo Dong-Geun), 성준 (Seong Joon), 김희정 (Kim Hee-Jung),
김기방 (Kim Gi-Bang), 박주형 (Park Ju-Hyeong)
AVG RATING (AGB): 16.100%

AVG RATING [Ep 05/24]: 38/100

  • WRITING: 41
  • ACTING: 27

100 TỪ (TẬP 01/24, TB 46/100): Mất tiền xem chỉ để ngắm Lee Yeon Hee ăn mặc hở hang bị bao trùm bởi cảm xúc và sự tuyệt vọng – mặc dù cái na ná diễn xuất của cô ta trông có vẻ giống một người đang buồn tè hơn. Có nhiều màn thể hiện tởm bựa tương tự trong cả cái phim chọn diễn viên dở tệ này. Thực ra cũng tiếc vì ít nhất ở đoạn mở đầu, Kang Eun Gyeong làm khá tốt, và nếu bỏ qua CG như kiểu kỹ xảo của một bộ phim không có ngân sách, phần chỉ đạo diễn xuất gợi nhớ về Kim Sang Ho  아랑사또전 (The Tale of Arang)  ngày xưa hơn là một phim cổ trang biến thể thông thường. Vẫn. Vô vọng.

(Ep 02/24, TB 46/100)

100 TỪ (TẬP 04/24, TB 46/100): Gửi lời chúc mừng và giải Thành tựu trọn đời trong lĩnh vực hài không cố ý cho cái đứa nghĩ là cast Lee Seung Gi và Suzy đóng chung trong một bộ phim “cổ trang” (Tôi biết, chỉ đánh máy thôi cũng làm tôi nghiến răng nghiến lợi) là một ý kiến hay. Họ tưởng phần chỉ đạo diễn xuất còn chưa đủ tệ hay sao mà còn thêm cái sự ngu ngơ hết thuốc chữa cho một chuỗi hành động khiến cho mọi chuyện xảy ra trong cái đống hổ lốn càng ngày càng dở tệ này trông chẳng khác gì một sự nhầm lẫn ngớ ngẩn trong những bộ quần áo cổ trang. Tuy nhiên, mọi người vẫn ngấu nghiến xem vì mấy lý do xưa như Trái Đất: mặt xinh đau khổ diễn ra cả một bộ sưu tập tình tiết cũ rích vô tình khiến người ta cười ra nước mắt. Ngạc nhiên chưa.

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